Wedding Tip Wednesday: Dessert Tables

There are so many different ways to do dessert at your wedding these days! You could go classic with cake, trendy with cupcakes, fun with mini desserts or sweet and personal with homemade goodies!

If you're not a cake person, consider pie, cookies or homemade treats you grew up eating at grandma's house. I love the idea of cutting a small sweetheart cake and allowing guests to enjoy something that people will love like a mini dessert station. People always like options and giving guests the choice to choose from several options makes dessert time interactive and a piece of your wedding people are sure not to forget! 

I've seen "fake cakes" with sheet cake precut in the back, Ben & Jerry's ice cream cart, classic cake, donuts, varied desserts brought from friends at a local bakery, and even a churro cart! Below are some yummy desserts the sweetest couples have enjoyed and shared with their guests!


Amanda Grace