{The Heart Behind Grace in the Details}

Grace is my grandma’s name. A woman who gives of herself to touch the hearts of others through something she is passionate about. She owns more fabric and has made more quilts for people over the years than she could ever count. If she never bought another yard of fabric before she left this earth, she still wouldn’t be able to make enough quilts to use all the fabric she has neatly organized and folded on her shelves. My favorite room in her house is her quilt room filled with colors and projects and love on every surface. My parents gave me her name as a middle name and I have always loved it. It reminds me of her and the way she finds joy in serving others doing what she absolutely loves.

That’s what Grace in the Details is about. Finding joy in serving others doing what I love. To me event planning is so much more than flowers, the perfect dress, flawless details, or the "ah" factor for guests. It’s about providing space for you. Creating an environment to celebrate, remember, laugh, learn, build community, and connect with others.

My love for events started when I was young. My mom always hosted the best parties and events with the greatest themes, menus and love in every detail. This instilled in me a passion for serving others by welcoming them into a place where they could relax, enjoy, and have a great time with loved ones. I’ve been working events on small and large scales for almost ten years now and cannot get enough of it! I believe a wedding is the most exciting day of your life and it should be nothing short of a dream!

So let’s plan the dreamiest wedding day together.. Contact me for your free consultation so we can begin to imagine what your perfect day looks like. I can't wait to hear the details!


Amanda Grace