Wedding Tip Wednesday: Favors

Making favors for your guests can be a fun part of the wedding planning and crafting process! Sometimes your family may want to pitch in a help create whatever you choose to do. Your favors can be a treat the bride and groom love, something from a country you’ve traveled to or have family from, something fun that matches the theme of your wedding or something homemade from your family secret recipe book! Choosing a simple way to say thank you to guests can be a fun project for your family to work on together!

For Will and Grace’s wedding, Grace used to work at a bakery so her friends gifted the bride and groom with homemade loaves of bread for guests to take home. Ashley’s and Drew’s family planted small succulents for their guests that doubled as escort cards for their desert wedding. Since Cory was from Australia, Meagan and Cory chose to give guests Australian candies as a take away. Jamie and Mark shared homemade caramels with their guests as a parting gift. At their Angel’s Stadium reception, Lindi and Steve’s wedding guests enjoyed peanuts and ballpark gummies. It’s always so fun to see the unique ideas brides and grooms come up with to say thank you to their guests!

Below are some ideas to help you brainstorm the perfect favor for the people who help you celebrate!


Amanda Grace