A Surprise for the Groom

Fredy & Leia

I met Fredy and Leia at crossfit two years ago. We used to lift together every day. They were my third crossfit wedding! Noticing a trend…I love crossfit weddings! When you see the same people every day and you face some of the toughest workouts together, you build incredible friendships. This was definitely true for Fredy and Leia who met in the 5:30pm class at the gym;) As these two fell in love with each other, the 5:30 crew definitely liked what they were seeing!

Fredy and Leia tied the knot in August and the day was perfection! Leia’s vision for a simple and elegant design came to life at the Betty Reckas Cultural Center better than she imagined. With an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, their friends and family had a blast celebrating these two! I loved her choice of tall floral arrangements but with just baby’s breath. The gold décor looked amazing and their photographers did such a great job capturing the little details of their wedding!

Both and Leia and Fredy’s favorite part of the day was when Leia surprised the groom with a banda! Fredy had wanted a banda but they had both decided not to move forward with hiring one. Much to Fredy’s surprise Leia planned to have one come! Fredy had no idea Leia and his brother had been working together to hire a banda for their reception. He was so surprised when they opened the doors and they came in singing!

I had so much fun working with Fredy and Leia and talking wedding details at the gym as they planned their wedding!